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A guide to engine servicing

Marine engineering Falmouth

This is what Falmouth Boat Co. does to winterise an engine and as a basic service.

Lay floor protection

Run up the engine for 20 minutes

Fill up with antifreeze and check the percentage levels

Check coolant and water comes from exhaust

Change fuel filters and check for diesel bug, report findings to the owner

Change oil

Change oil filter

Change engine anode

Remove and change impeller

Remove engine belts and tape up pulley wheels

Battery checks

Plug in onboard charger if fitted

Check shaft anode

Check hull anode

Check stern greaser, parking gland and seal pack

Gear box level check

Recommission, check levels and top up as required

Close down engine inhibit with spray

Put a rag up exhaust, leave showing

Put ‘Do not start’ notice on the engine panel/ starter

Leave the new parts in a bag next to the ‘Do not start’ sign

Inform the owner of any faults found and from the visual check

If you would like any advice about your engine call us on 01326 374309 or email us at enquiries@falmouthboat.co.uk.

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