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Little Falmouth Yacht Yard

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Improved facilities

We have installed the new water, electrical distribution and lighting infrastructure in the yard, so now it is even easier to ensure the condition inside your boat is tip-top.

Electrical supply availability is enhanced and they are now individually metered.  Like many of our customers, we ask you to consider the deployment of a bar heater or de-humidifier on board to keep away damage as a consequence of damp.

Call us on 01326 374309 or email us if you would like us to provide a solution for you – we have both in stock for purchase or hire, and will happily install them for you.

Electricity costs:-

Supply connection and disconnect at the end of the season – £25.  Monthly supply charge - £15.  Unit charge per KWhr 16p per unit.

Latest News

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston on Suhaili in the Golden Globe Race

Two FBC Biscay 36s to star in Suhaili Parade of Sail

Goldstar, to be raced by Antoine Cousot, and E'le May, to be raced by Nabil Amra, will take place in the Suhaili Parade of Sail to mark the Golden Globe Race 2018.

Boat launch  Cornwall

Second Golden Globe Race Boat Refitted by Falmouth Boat Co.

The second boat competing in the Golden Globe Race 2018 that Falmouth Boat Co. has refitted has been launched.

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