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Lifejackets are like our best friends

Life jackets save lives

Life jackets are like your best friend, there to support you when in need, fit into your life easily ... but you may have to try a few out till you find the best one! 

Everyone should always wear a life jacket when on the water. It doesn’t matter how strong or fit you are or if you think you are indestructible. Your vision could be affected by the angle of the sun, you could get hit by the boom, you could trip on one of the many lines on deck and end up in the water. Don’t you want your best friend there to lend you a hand till the boat turns around to pick you up?

Make sure that your life jacket and those of the people around you fit properly. The RNLI website 'Respect the Water' has a great guide on how to choose and fit your life jacket whatever shape or size you are. It's also important to check life jackets regularly for wear and tear, as well as checking that screw in CO2 bottles are in good condition and tightly secured in place.

Stay safe! Make sure that everyone on your crew is wearing a life jacket and that they know the correct procedure should a member of your party go overboard. Being on the water is so much more enjoyable when you all feel safe.  

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