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90 Year Old Article About Our Boatyard Found

The article describes our yard 90 years ago

We're delighted to have been given a newspaper clipping dated 18 March 1929 that details the building of boat sheds at our yard.

We don't know for sure which newspaper the article appeared but it's a fascinating find. The article describes the construction of new boat sheds and workshops, as well as the installation of a dynamo as there was no electricity available. The shipwrights working here 90 years ago would no doubt be amazed to know that now each lay up spot has its own electricity supply!


March 18 1927

Yachting Revival - Summer preparations at Little Falmouth

It is difficult to imagine that only a few months ago Little Falmouth, a sheltered spot on the Flushing side of Penryn River, was little better than a wilderness, overgrown and neglected, and apparently of no use but for winter quarters for a few local boats, which were hauled up clear of the tide.

At the present time the place has the appearance of a busy yacht yard; a huge shed has been erected, where a yacht, 45 feet in length, is nearing completion, and several other craft are undergoing preparation for the summer season. Smiths’ and joiners’ shops have been erected, and on all sides there are signs of a revival in the craftsmanship of yacht and boat-building.

The old saw-pit, where many thousands of feet of planking for ships’ sides have been turned out with huge cross-cut saws worked by hand, is being filled in in preparation for the raising of additional sheds. Through the rough undergrowth roadways are being cut to improve transport facilities.

To cope with the absence of an electric power station in the locality, oil engines are installed to operate a dynamo, which will supply light for the workshops during the dark winter months and power for manipulating the machinery, such as circular saws.

Messrs. R. S. Burt and Son have received additional orders for new craft, and chief among these is a commission for a cruiser of the popular Falmouth quay punt design. The boat is for service in Falmouth harbour, and will be constructed of teak. She will be 82ft. in length, with a beam of 10ft. 6in. and a draft of 6ft. and head-room of 6ft.

It is of interest to record that during the recent heavy gales Little Falmouth has not been in the least affected – a tribute to the suitability of the locality for a yacht yard. A pleasing feature is that extra hands have been engaged to cope with additional work. This is a bright omen for the yachting industry, and a certain sign that the revival of yachting in Falmouth harbour in post-war days has not been a “flash in the pan”.


For the record, the reporter was right - today we have a thriving business, we employ 25 staff, are recruiting for more skilled workers and have looked after more boats this winter than ever before. The future at Little Falmouth Yacht Yard continues to look bright.

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