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Covid-19 update: Yard Access 14.5.20

Accessing Falmouth Boat Co. in Covid-19 crisis

With the gradual relaxation of lockdown restrictions nationwide, alterations to the premises and the implementation of new working practices to maintain social distancing and protect our staff on the premises, I am delighted to announce the process of booking time with your boat for whatever reason you may require from tomorrow, May 15 at 5pm – but of course within government guidelines!

Initially, the principal of the availability of booking times will be outside of the Falmouth Boat Co. working hours.  These hours of operation of 0700 to 1700 weekdays have been reduced to accommodate your visits leaving all evenings and weekends available.

Sadly, but only for the moment, the number of people on site outside of these hours will be restricted to ten individuals booked on a first come, first served basis and for a maximum stay of four hours in order to meet as many clients’ requirements as possible and maintain the ability to socially distance.

The system of booking will be administrated through contact with our admin team using all the usual communication channels, namely:-

When contacting us, we will require the date and time requested, the names of those attending, the boat to which they are coming and expected duration of stay.

This will be confirmed and you are good to go.

On arrival at the yard, you will find there will be a security representative at or inside the gate who is primarily there to assist you and monitor those who are coming and going. Before you enter the yard, he will ask to take your temperature, note this with your visit or ask you to return home if it is elevated.

Once you are on site, all the usual facilities remain in place, however, at this stage while we are endeavouring to source additional toilet facilities, these are currently unavailable.

Please also ensure that any waste you create during your visit is collected, bagged if possible and placed in the suitable waste bins around the yard.

If you arrive on spec without booking but within these hours, the security representative will advise if there is space on the yard for you and gladly allow you to enter but not before noting the same details as above and recording your temperature.

For any visit, please note that access to the buildings on site is currently strictly forbidden, and on a personal level I would really appreciate this being adhered to.

As time goes on and further restrictions are lifted nationwide, I look forward to relaxing this process further, but for the time being, I really hope this goes some way towards resuming normal service.

Jonathan Fielding, MD of Falmouth Boat Co. 


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Accessing Falmouth Boat Co. in Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 update: Yard Access 14.5.20

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