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Maja refitted for Golden Globe Race 2018

boat refit Cornwall
Vessel Type: 
Endurance 35 Ketch
Project Type: 

Maja is a 1979 Endurance 35 ketch owned by Ian Reid that Falmouth Boat Co. has refitted for the Golden Globe Race 2018.

This 27,000 mile solo, non-stop, round the world race has retro rules to commermorate Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's vistory on Suhaili 50 years ago.

The challenge with Maja has been to provide the appropriate level of safety demanded by such a treacherous race - there was only one person that completed the original race in 1958.

Between October 2016 and July 2017 Falmouth Boat Co. refitted the boat and in doing so:

  • Stripped out the interior of the saloon, formed and installed new strengthening and re-instated
  • Installed two collision bulkheads to prevent water intake in the event of impact from a rogue container floating just under the sea's surface
  • Examined, repaired and rebuilt the superstructure
  • Removed the teak deck on the coach roof and replaced it the compulsory hi-vis fluorescent area
  • Removed, replaced and reinforced windows, adding storm boards to each
  • Stripped out, redesigned and rebuilt the galley, saloon and berths
  • Replaced the heating system
  • Replaced the electrical system
  • Applied high quality finish

Ian Reid, Maja's owner, is delighted with the end result. He said: "I chose Falmouth Boat Co. for two reasons: Firstly, it is responsible for refitting two other competitiors in the race so I knew the team would know how to solve the problems particular to the retro race rules. Secondly, the same team was dedicated to Maja from day one so continuity was assured. This team understood my thinking to the extent where they knew exactly what decision I would be likely to make and so could act more quickly. Thanks to Falmouth Boat Co. I now have a boat man enough for the job."

boat repair Falmouth
Golden Globe Race 2018
Yacht repair Cornwall
Yacht restoration Cornwall
Boat restoration Falmouth
Boat launch Falmouth

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