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Little Falmouth Yacht Yard

Flushing, Falmouth

Cornwall, TR11 5TJ

Pushing the boat out - this month's yard improvements

We made significant improvements to the boatyard last winter.  By this we mean we've pretty much razed the large yard to the ground and rebuilt a bigger and better yard that's brimming with benefits for boats and their owners alike.  All but for one section which is a sizeable project of its own.

We can now comfortably store 50 boats ashore, having maximised the available space by clearing and landscaping the site.  The car parks have been seized back from this year's undergrowth jungle and can accommodate 40 cars.  The yard has been resurfaced and surrounded by brand new wooden fencing.  The main slipways have also been refurbished in readiness for the increase in use over the coming weeks.

The shoreside facilities are now up to a good standard.  We've fitted new water pipes and electrical points for owners to use as they potter aboard during winter weekends in preparation for spring's relaunch.  

Yet we have one - rather large - project left.  We are about to embark on stripping the shed doors before dressing them in our new branding.  Sounds easy enough? The doors open into our largest workspace, there are three of them and each one is 900 square feet.  You'll be able to watch our progress from the Penryn River - give us a blast when you see us aboard cherry pickers as you go by!

Latest News

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston on Suhaili in the Golden Globe Race

Two FBC Biscay 36s to star in Suhaili Parade of Sail

Goldstar, to be raced by Antoine Cousot, and E'le May, to be raced by Nabil Amra, will take part in the Suhaili Parade of Sail to mark the Golden Globe Race 2018.

Boat launch  Cornwall

Second Golden Globe Race Boat Refitted by Falmouth Boat Co.

The second boat competing in the Golden Globe Race 2018 that Falmouth Boat Co. has refitted has been launched.

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