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On deadline for the start line

Keel repair
Vessel Type: 
Hustler 36
Project Type: 

Two weeks before starting AZAB (Azores and Back Race) 2019 Caminata, a Hustler 36 had booked a race scrub and replacement of a lower rudder bearing.

She arrived on May 13 in plenty of time for the June 1 start line but on hauling her disaster struck as it became apparent that the keel had sustained damage on the journey to the UK from Belgium.

The repairs needed meant that the keel had to be removed and reinstated with no time to spare.

To further complicate matters on a frenetic timescale, the boat’s configuration meant that the engine and systems had to be removed along with the mast.

With the clock ticking FBC removed the keel, repaired it and replaced it before reinstalling the engine and stepping the mast.

Finally, FBC refilled and refaired the bottom back to the all important racing profile in

time for Caminata to sit on the AZAB start line as planned.

A fast but rewarding turnaround for a boat on deadline for the start line.


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