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Marine Electrical Engineer

Job Description: 

Job Title: Marine Electrical Engineer

Responsible to: Managing Director

Location: Based in Flushing, Falmouth, Cornwall

Remuneration: Competitive package to include Private Health Care, matched Pension Contributions and Life & Accident Insurance.

Working as part of the shop floor team, you will bring your repair skills into the organisation to complete the varying projects in hand.

Depending upon the strength of your skillset, you will be participating with other staff or leading in the delivery of projects across the spectrum of our activities.

Some examples of what we do and the skills required are:

  • Attending vessels, fault finding and rectifying electrical/electronic issues
  • Designing or assisting the design of electrical/electronic installations in vessels
  • Installing electronic suites for navigation and/or engineering systems monitoring
  • Documenting, stripping out and renewing all or partial electrical/electronics systems

Client responsibilities

  • Engaging with the clients while working on their vessels, promoting all the services of the company and underpinning their confidence in our activities
  • Representing the company, its principals and standards to any prospective client


Staff responsibilities

  • Working as part of the team co-coordinating and maximising the efficient use of your time for the benefit of the company
  • Working as part of the team in compliance with the company’s policies and procedures
  • Maintaining the quality of our service
  • Assisting in ensuring all of your activities are compliant with company Health and Safety rules and regulations 


Corporate responsibilities

  • Represent Falmouth Boat Co. and our values in your general conduct and dealings with all our stakeholders


Person specification

Function essential

  • In depth and current knowledge of marine electrics and electronics and their associated repair systems
  • Hands on and current experience in electric/electronics projects
  • Deep awareness of Health and Safety principals and policies within a similar organisation
  • Good understanding of the Falmouth Boat Co. business strategy and planning and a desire to be part of its future
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Full driving licence


Function desirable

  • Track record of customer service skills and/or training



  • Ability to work with and for clients to meet their requirements
  • Ability to integrate and work with a well established and experienced team of staff



  • Highly organised, confident and pro-active
  • Analytical, innovative, creative and flexible
  • Sense of humour!


About us:

Falmouth Boat Co. is the service brand of Falmouth Boat Construction ltd.  We are a privately owned small boatyard based on the South Coast of the South West of the UK in Flushing, Falmouth in Cornwall.

With a turnover slightly in excess of £1.5m and a staff base of 30, our primary activities are based around the service and repair of all water borne craft up to 100ft and 100 tonnes.  Our most regular market is 30-50ft yachts and leisure craft for refit and repair, complemented with commercial craft servicing up to 60ft.

Our leisure clients range from a spectrum of self-employed tradesmen and wealthy professionals to retired locals.

Our commercial clients are primarily local and range from harbour authorities to towage companies. We are very proud to be one of the few repair yards in the country appointed to undertake repair work on RNLI craft.

We have limited facilities afloat so all our clients choose to come to us rather than feeling obliged through a mooring lay-up arrangement.

We also undertake a large amount of insurance repair work.  This is more often than not the first time that new clients meet us and post repairs, hopefully to return in the future.   This is the biggest growth area of our customer base.

The majority of our activities are based in Falmouth, and on our own site, however, we are developing an offsite and international support team with several of our clients in Europe.  Our USP in such matters is the fact that UK clients take comfort in dealing with a UK company under UK law on their craft wherever it may be. This is a growing area of our business.

In July 2013, the company changed hands to the current ownership. Having historically suffered from a significant lack of investment and poor profitability, this situation has step changed since, but on the back of the business recovery.

We are in the position of being able to grow into the next stage of the company’s development. If you would like to apply for this role please complete the form to the right or download the application form below, complete and return to enquiries@falmouthboat.co.uk.

Please note that we wish to recruit as soon as possible so the closing date is notional. 

Closing Date: 
Tuesday, 31 August 2021 - 11:30am

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