Our moorings provide a safe haven for boats in full view of the boatyard, minutes from Falmouth.

We offer moorings for boats up to and including 25 feet, 26 feet, 29 feet and 36 feet with free car parking, free dinghy storage and the peace of mind that they are under our watchful eye. 

They are just off our slip and each time our team head out on the water they check the moored boats and report any unusual findings.  

The moorings are available on annual contracts. All but the 36 feet deep water mooring dry out on the lows of the spring tides, about an hour either side of the tide.

Seasonal Mooring

FBC mooring in the Penryn river complete with shore support package of car parking, dinghy storage in FBC car park and confirmed reservation ashore for the winter.

Prices: 1 April 2024 – 31 March 2025 – £205.00 + VAT per metre length overall

Mooring Strops

Mooring strops are a critical part of boating that need attention to ensure safety.  

All mooring strops should be unique to the vessel so we offer a bespoke service to either make up and fit one to suit the boat or alternatively, service, fit and remove the owner’s current strop.  

Our moorings are supplied with an eye to which the owner’s mooring strop is attached as required – a chain strop can be supplied if required.

Prices of Mooring Strops

Make new mooring strops from £180.00 + VAT per strop

Protected, made to measure and exactly fit your craft, this is a soft eyed strop from the mooring eye to your mooring point complete with galvanised thimble and fitting. Twin strops are also available.

Remove, service and store mooring strops £40.00 + VAT for six months

Removal of the strop from the mooring once your boat is laid up ashore to protect it for the winter. Includes cleaning, inspecting and reporting on condition prior to winter storage.

Refit mooring strops £20.00 + VAT per strop

Retrieving the strop from the store, a visual inspection reporting any defects then fitting as required.