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We are currently looking for a Receptionist with Administrative Responsibilities to join the office staff.

We are also looking for qualified Shipwrights, Boatbuilders, Laminators/ Composite Specialists, Marine Engineers and Marine Electricians to join us.

Our order book has grown, as have our requirements for skills in GRP, composite and traditional boat building, service, repairs, engineering, electrics and electronics.

For an immediate start, your contract will initially be for a three month period while you join and become part of the team – with this trial period complete, we may expect you to staff, project or possibly even department lead for the future.

In return, you will receive a remuneration package commensurate with your role, responsibilities, experience and development. 

Competitive salary, pension, life insurance and additional benefits are all part of this package as a full time permanent position.

We are a company with ambitious growth plans, so why not research what we have done so far and if you like what you see, apply to be part of our team.

We are currently looking for fully qualified marine electricians.

We are currently looking for laminators/ composite specialists.

We are currently looking for fully qualified shipwrights and boatbuilders. 

We are currently looking for fully qualified marine engineers.

We are looking for a receptionist with administrative responsibilities to join us.

Latest News

The article describes our yard 90 years ago

90 Year Old Article About Our Boatyard Found

We're delighted to have been given a newspaper clipping dated 18 March 1929 that details the building of boat sheds at our yard.

Brieuc Morin (APPB) and Jonathan Fielding (BMSW)

Full Steam Ahead for Anglo-French Agreement to Boost Marine Tourism

An agreement has been made between the UK’s South West and Northern French marine businesses in a bid to boost tourism amid the uncertainties surrounding Brexit.

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