Boat repair

Since accidents do happen, we are expert at boat repair.

Our extensive skillset ranges from advanced composite repair work to meticulous shipwrighting.

Repairs are our most common type of work and we are adept at managing insurance claims, making the process as smooth as possible.

Experience and skill means that we fix boat damage to the highest standard, to budget and to time.

If your boat needs repairs, do talk to us.  We can investigate, report our recommendations and the estimated repair cost without any obligation on your part. 

Advanced composites

Advanced composites are low weight and high strength, making them perfect for modern vessels. They require significant technical ability for quality repairs. We have extensive experience and skills in working with carbon, kevlar and epoxy, together with the specific conditions and equipment that they require. We ensure that boats are delivered with the same composite integrity that they had when first built.


We work on all types of boats from classic boats to survey vessels and every repair is bespoke to the individual vessel. We combine our considerable experience with contemporary materials, equipment and techniques into first class craftsmanship.

Osmosis treatment

Osmotic blisters are not just unpleasant to look at, they can affect the value of a vessel and, in extreme cases, can damage the hull. Fal Boat Co. is an appointed application centre for the AWLGRIP, Hempel and International systems. As such, we make boats watertight and beautiful once more.

Insurance repairs

Accidents do happen, from a minor collision requiring a gel coat repair to a major catastrophe requiring a complete re-build.  

We handle a significant number of insurance underwritten repairs since we are the preferred choice for a variety of UK based and global insurers and underwriters.

Initially we appraise the scope and costs before working with all parties to deliver the best solution to return the vessel to her original condition. We manage high quality, cost effective repairs throughout which we encourage owners to see and have input into the process.  Once the boats are back on the water we offer aftersales support for peace of mind.

In cases where continuing manufacturer’s warranty is essential, we work with all parties to ensure it remains intact.

We provide this high level of insurance repair worldwide since the required skillsets can prove difficult to find. In these instances we create a bespoke international team appropriate to the specific skills needed for that job.  

If your boat has been involved in an accident, do call us on +44 (0)1326 374309 or email us to discuss the best way forward.

Boat repair