Boat restoration

We excel at restoring boats thanks to the range of specialists that make up our team.

We work from original plans, photographs and any other available information to create a full specification, costing and timeline for restoration.

Generally in trust, such projects may not seem to make economic sense until they are completed. However, when the vessel takes to the water once again fully functional and as close to the original as modern materials and processes will allow, the project makes sense.

Boat restoration Cornwall

Boat renovation

We deliver solutions for renovation or modernisation that allow you to change a boat with respectful consideration of its history.

Refit is the general term for such activity and this can range from re-painting to complete modernization.  We use current techniques and materials that can maximise the space of your vessel or create the adaptations that you need.

Powerboat refit

We have fully restored a 1972 aluminium powerboat designed not only to win the Round Britain race, but to push the design envelope of her time.

The current owner bought Pirate (pictured in the header) in poor condition yet today she is transformed inside and out.  She sports a new fresh interior design, a full suite of new electronics and new modern common rail Cummins Diesel engines make her faster than ever before.

We have the skillset, project management and experience to realise a boat’s potential so do call us on +44 (0)1326 374309 or email us if you are thinking about restoring or renovating your boat.

Boat restoration