Boat refit

We deliver solutions for renovation or modernisation that allow you to change a boat without being restricted by its history.

Refit is the general term for such activity and this can range from re-painting to complete modernization.  We use current techniques and materials that can maximise the space of your vessel or create the adaptations that you need.  

Golden Globe Race boats 

We refitted three boats to compete in the 2018 Golden Globe non-stop solo circumnavigation race commemorating Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s achievement 50 years ago. The retro rules of the race presented unique challenges including the fitting of two bulkheads in both Biscay 36s Goldstar (Vizcaya, renamed Metier Interim for the race) and E’le May (renamed Liberty II for the race), both of which were originally built at FBC, and the Endurance 35 Maja, the owner of which did not compete. 

Boat refit Cornwall

We have the skillset, project management and experience to realise a boat’s potential so do call us on +44 (0)1326 374309 or email us if you are thinking about a refit.

Boat refit