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Little Falmouth Yacht Yard

Flushing, Falmouth

Cornwall, TR11 5TJ

Going back to its roots: Falmouth Boat constructs again

Shipwrighting rafts at Little Falmouth Yacht Yard

Our boatyard, Little Falmouth Yacht Yard, has a fine pedigree in shipwrighting. Not only is it the site of the great builds of packet ships which served the nation in trade, transport and news, it hosted the Cutty Sark for a re-rig.

Biscay 36s were built at the yard, one of which is currentrly competing in the Golden Globe race, a solo, non-stop around the world.

So, the yard is no stranger to boat building.

How wonderful, then, to see it return to its roots. Falmouth Boat Co. has poured its mighty shipwrighting into the creation of these two extraordinary seafaring vessels. We are proud to present to you 'Wrong drektion' and 'No drektion'.

They were built with an eye on the highly sought first place in the Flushing Regatta Raft Race. 

We are sad to report that we lost the race, but we definitely won a lot of laughter, enjoyment and fun.

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