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Little Falmouth Yacht Yard

Flushing, Falmouth

Cornwall, TR11 5TJ

Moorings Pricing

  • Service: 
    Annual Mooring Charge - 1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018
    £130 + VAT per metre length overall
    Falmouth Boat Co. mooring in the Penryn river complete with shore support package of car parking and dinghy storage in FBC car park. Storage ashore charges are not included but there is a guaranteed reservation ashore for the winter.
Mooring Strops
  • Service: 
    Make New Mooring Strops
    from £175 + VAT per strop
    Protected, made to measure and exactly fit your craft, this is a soft eyed strop from the mooring eye to your mooring point complete with galvanised thimble and fitting. Twin strops are also available.
  • Service: 
    Remove, Service and Store Mooring Strops
    £40 + VAT for six months
    Removal of the strop from the mooring once your boat is laid up ashore to protect it for the winter. Includes cleaning, inspecting and reporting on condition prior to winter storage.
  • Service: 
    Refit Mooring Strops
    £20 + VAT per strop
    Retrieving the strop from the store, a visual inspection reporting any defects then fitting as required.

Latest News

Boat launch  Cornwall

Second Golden Globe Race Boat Refitted by Falmouth Boat Co.

The second boat competing in the Golden Globe Race 2018 that Falmouth Boat Co. has refitted has been launched.

ship falmouth cornwall

A 49.8m, 642 tonne Barque sailing ship built at our yard in 1874

'Charlotte Padbury' was a 49.8m, 642 tonne Barque sailing ship built at our yard in 1874.

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