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Little Falmouth Yacht Yard

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"The washboards and tiller are things of beauty."

"The workmanship and attention to detail are excellent. The washboards and tiller are things of beauty; the electrics hum; the engine is transformed; and the heads literally sparkle with the new basin.

"Compliments on the teak work from the guys at Premier Marina over the weekend. And it's a great reassurance to have all the seacocks doing what they should."

Owner of Taipi, a Rustler 36
July 18
"Above and beyond."

"During October 2016 my boat came adrift of the mooring, running aground and sustaining damage to the keel, topsides and pulpit.  Falmouth Boat Co. inspected the damage and promptly provided a quotation, subsequently approved by the insurance company.

The team went on to deliver the approved works to a very professional standard, actually going above and beyond the quotation remit at no extra charge to ensure a rounded and fit for purpose finish.

During the period of the works the Falmouth Boat Co. team was incredibly responsive to my queries and kept me up to date with progress regularly.  They also helped in liaising with the insurance company regarding the remit of the claim. Also, where unforseen issues occurred beyond their control, the company stepped in promptly to resolve matters on my behalf.

Overall, Falmouth Boat Co. provided a professional service, delivered excellent work and I was very pleased with the final result."

Owner of a half tonner yacht
August 17
"We were bowled over."

"We were bowled over by the stunning work of Falmouth Boat Co. When our little boat slipped her mooring my heart sank and we assumed the worst. To see her looking good as new in only a few months is a testament to the care and supreme craftsmanship of Jonathan and his team."
Owner of Novessa II, a Mitchell Parkstone Bay Kingfisher 21
May 17
"The environment where excellence happens."

"When I committed to the Golden Globe race and found the boat of my full-keel racing dreams, I realized that the hard work was just getting started. I was confronted with a staggering range of marine companies, boat yards and gadget pedallers. To be honest with you, I found it deflating and daunting. I'm not a naval architect and I haven't kept up with the latest and greatest things in the sailing world as, perhaps, I should have. So I did what we all do when stuck in a corner and need answers - I googled it! In short order I discovered that the maker of the boat was still in existence and better then that, they answered my call on the first ring.

Another happy surprise was that they were located in Falmouth, UK. I've always been a great fan of maritime literature, particularly tales of square rigged adventures ala Alan Villiers. You can't turn two pages of those books without seeing the hallowed name of Falmouth gracing the pages. That city had a reputation, through the age of sail, of being home to maritime craftsmen. Not just any craftsmen, mind you, but the best. The best riggers, ship wrights, sail makers, and carpenters all seemed to hail from that area. These were the people that, barring few exceptions, made world trade happen under sail.

A few weeks back, I made my first visit to the UK and made a beeline for Falmouth. There is an old saying in the States that goes something like this, "You never want to meet your old heros". On some level I was conscious of this and didn't want my excitement or nostalgia to cloud my judgement. These fears quickly proved unfounded. If anything, I'm now even more enamored with the lore of old English sailing tradition. This was due in no small part to Falmouth Boat Co.

The proprietor, Jonathan Fielding, attended to my every concern and need almost telepathically. I could tell he had given my situation careful thought before having even met me. The staff and craftsmen at the yard were equally impressive and I strolled through the yards other projects in varying stages of completion. The wood work, the steel repair, fiberglass, marine electricians, boat painting that rivaled a Michael Angelo - it was all here. At this point it dawned on me that I was certain I had found the right place for the job.

Something that I observed early in at Falmouth Boat Co. that made a quick and lasting impression on me was the camaraderie. Some people won't put much value on something like this, maybe they don't even notice it, but to me it's paramount. It's that 'Band of Brothers' feel to a place, the happy way that they go about their work. The way the older wright was teaching the younger, the good natured joking and happy way that everyone set about the task at hand. This type of pride in craftsmanship, brotherly love, and upbeat atmosphere always makes the better end product. It doesn't even matter what product we are talking about, this is the environment where excellence happens and I was in the front door!

Sometimes when you have a very important decision to make, where everything is riding on the right choice, the stars come into alignment and providence delivers. This, most definitely was one of those times. I hope to do their hard work proud with a competitive showing in the 2018 GGR. I feel like I owe it to them after seeing how they cared for me through this most difficult process. I can't thank Falmouth Boat Co. enough!

To Falmouth for Orders!"

Nabil Amra, Ele May, Biscay 36 - Golden Globe 2018 competitor
October 16
"A very special boatyard."

"The first time I met with the Falmouth Boat Co. was the day I first saw Vizcaya, without knowing the intimate story the boat and the yard had in common. I looked around, met the staff and Jonathan and I was hooked. I just couldn't go anywhere else to get the vibes I was looking for. Indeed, this race (Golden Globe 2018) is quite special thus I needed a very special place and I am glad that I found it. I know the staff is doing its best putting their heart into our project."

Antoine Cousot, Goldstar (was Vizcaya), Biscay 36 - Golden Globe 2018 competitor
September 16
"Get the job right first time."

"Falmouth Boat Co’s quality of engineering work is excellent and the engineers show great attention to detail.  The painters’ work, too, is superb because of the amount of care they take. It is an extremely friendly place and has a different ethos to other yards. The staff are always helpful and are willing to answer any questions. It’s clear that they care about their work.   Vitally the team works together very well, which means that they get the job right first time."

Owner of Demoiselle, Moody Halberdier
April 15
"The final result was, without doubt, fantastic."

"Having consulted many of my boating friends in the local Marina, regarding who to use in bringing my Coaster 33 hull back to its original finish, they were all agreed that Falmouth Boat Co were by far the best around. The final result was without doubt fantastic, and the work carried out with care and close attention to detail. I believe the finish was a contributing factor to her eventual sale recently. Jonathan and his dedicated team are to be congratulated."

Owner of Andamouka, Coaster 33
March 15
"Entire Satisfaction."

"When the device upon which the mast of my 37ft yacht was supported had rotted away, Jonathan Fielding of Falmouth Boat Co together with his staff responded to this mid-season crisis with enthusiasm. Everything was carried out to my entire satisfaction and at a reasonable cost. I would most certainly use them again and I now look forward to putting my boat ashore with Falmouth Boat every winter until I have to give up yachting through old age!"

Owner of White Lightening, Finrose 37
July 14
"The team communicated excellently."

“‘Wonderous Stories’ has never looked better.  The team communicated excellently both with me and with the staff of the Greek boatyard.  A friend recommended Falmouth Boat Co following the yacht repairs they undertook for him and I’m pleased that the insurance company endorsed my decision to choose them.”

Owner of Wonderous Stories, Bavaria 47
March 14
“I have been very, very impressed with your company."

"I must thank you and your team for the way in which they have made what could have been a nightmare as straight forward an experience as possible.

I was pleased with the way in which FBC dealt with the surveyor and the insurance company. I felt that at all times I was kept in the loop and the work required was explained to me in layman’s terms so that I could understand what was going on. It was useful to be able to see the boat during the work, this showed what was involved and the care that was taken.

All in all I have been very, very impressed with your company, the way I have been treated and the work that has been carried out."

Owner of Wave Dancer, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42
January 14


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