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Only Application Centre in Cornwall of New ‘Non Stick’ Hull Paint

Antifouling Falmouth

Falmouth Boat Co. has recently been appointed as the third application centre of a new bottom coating in the country and the only one in Cornwall.

Intersleek is a unique type of bottom coating that enables owners to avoid the annual bill of lifting, pressure washing and antifouling a boat, and in the case of motor boats, significantly reduce running costs given that the bottom is always clean.

It is the silicone/fluoropolymer finish coating that makes the system so effective. Intersleek instead employs a finish so smooth and slippery that fouling pests find it difficult to form an attachment.  Even if they do, the attachment is weak and therefore easy to remove by hand.

In addition, if a boat runs at speeds of 13mph or more the paint becomes effectively self cleaning as the growth is pushed off by the water coursing past.

This new coating is proven to be more effective than traditional use of biocides like copper in antifouling which over time become depleted.

We’re delighted to offer a 15% discount to the first five boat owners who request Intersleek this spring.

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