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Down and dirty: dealing with diesel bug

Filtering out the diesel bug
To showcase the quality of our restoration work we took Pirate, a 70s gentleman's power cruiser to Jersey Boat Show. She was the belle of the ball and attracted enormous interest.
However, when it came time to bring her home to Falmouth we picked up dirty fuel and had to limp to Guernsey. We had to clean out the engine and filter the diesel.
These are the Racor fuel pre-filters we used. They filter the fuel before it gets to the engine fuel filters. You can see that they are full of sludge and the diesel bug picked up from the last fuel purchase. So much that they blocked these filters and stopped the fuel flow to the engine. Lesson for the day? Always check your filters and have a spare set aboard!
On the journey home she reached 32 knots - so they did a great job!

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