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What constitutes a full engine service?

Marine engineering Falmouth

This is what we do when asked to give an engine a full service to the manufacturer’s recommendations:

  • Lay floor protection
  • Run up the engine for 20 minutes
  • Check the charging systems
  • Check bilge pumps and alarms if fitted
  • Fill up with antifreeze and check percentage levels
  • Check coolant and water comes out of the exhaust
  • Change fuel filters and check for diesel bug, report findings to the owner
  • Check for fuel leaks, visual on pipes
  • Change oil
  • Check gear box oil, replace on manufacturer’s hours
  • Check valve clearance
  • Remove and test injectors and pipe condition
  • Check cam belt if required, dependant on engine type
  • Check condition of the exhaust
  • Check coupling bolts
  • Check condition of the cutlass bearing
  • Check sea cocks operational
  • Drain fresh water systems
  • Check pipe work where possible and hose clips
  • Change oil filter
  • Change engine anode
  • Remove and change impeller
  • Check engine mounts
  • Remove engine belts and tape up pulley wheels
  • Close down engine inhibit with spray
  • Clean bilges
  • Put a rag up exhaust, leave showing
  • Put ‘Do not start’ notice on engine panel/ starter
  • Leave the new parts in a bag next to ‘Do not start’ sign
  • Inform the owner of any faults found and from the visual check

If you have a query about  the engine of your boat call us on 01326 374309 or email us.

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