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Update on operations in view of lockdown

Coronavirus update from Falmouth Boat Co.
2.11.20. An update on our operations from Jonathan Fielding, managing director, in view of the forthcoming lockdown.
Good afternoon,
Like myself, I am sure you, your families and friends are still working out the impact of the pending second lockdown starting from midnight Wednesday/Thursday 4/5th November 2020.
For us, this is an addition to a further week of disruption by less than perfect weather, re-surfacing works in the yard and car park to rectify flood damage and the continuing pervasive effects of a global pandemic in all areas of our business …. !
2020 never ceases to keep on giving.
So, with this latest news and in an operational context, I am writing to confirm how this will affect our activities for the continuing laying up of, work on and repairs to your boats.
At this early stage, I can advise that the restrictions as proposed over the weekend allow us to continue to operate as a company relatively normally as we cannot work from home.
Again, and fortunately, during this time, I see very little change, as we already have protocols in place to manage this – temperature checks, one way systems, common area deep cleaning, separate toilets, social distancing from other clients, staff and workshops etc.
What will definitely change, however, are the allowable reasons for visits to boats given leisure activities outside of our homes is restricted to being for exercise, going to work, essential shopping etc. For the full details click here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-national-restrictions-from-5-november
I am still awaiting advice from British Marine - our trade organisation - who are meeting with DEFRA for clarification of the details.
At this stage, however, from Wednesday midnight, access will only be granted to those with a valid, non-leisure reason to be present.
Regretfully, I have to advise that outside of working hours, the yard and premises will be shut with no access being granted except in cases of operational necessity or emergencies.
Inside working hours, our focus will be to allow trades, contractors, deliveries, those supporting our business and with valid and relevant appointments or course of trade reasons to attend.
This is not only inconvenient, but a real blow to how we manage our business – personal and in person – alas, like so many things during this current time, we will have to learn to manage.
In summary then, we will endeavour to offer the levels of service our clients have learned to expect, in spite of these new restrictions and I look forward to advising you once again when things change for the better.
Finally, I wanted to add how much I have appreciated the co-operation of all of our clients without exception during the previous lock down by adhering to the rules, our protocols, access and operational changes.
All I have to add is I hope you can bear with us again during this strange time and I look forward to writing again with better news in due course.
Jonathan Fielding, MD

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